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Hang Glider (2016)

"Hang Glider" is a sculptural interpretation of a horn octet composed by John Hallett's son, Torrin. The sculpture began assuming that a note on a page is a cross-section of a three dimensional object. Outside of that cross-section, anything can happen. 


The hang glider is represented on the top of the post with the key signature and notes growing on the surface and protruding through to the underside of the wings. A vine grows down the post, sprouting eight french horns and eventually wrapping around the sphere at the bottom. 


The melody is depicted by 37 trumpet flowers and buds growing out of the sphere - the size of the bud or flower represents the note and the duration of the note. 


Inscribed inside the sphere are names of people who have had an influence (musical and otherwise) on Torrin's development as an individual, musician and composer. Some names are legible and visible while many are not. 


The feet on the note are bronze horn mouthpieces.

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